Latest Company News & Community Spirit

Community Involvement

At Truro we enjoy being part of the Truro community. We understand the importance of integrating in the community and supporting it as much as we can, as part of the Cornwall Glass Group it is something we all feel is important.

Sporting Commitments

Within the Cornwall Glass Group we support local sports teams with sponsoring their sporting efforts including the Cornwall & Somerset Road Running Series & Redruth Rugby Club.

Here at Truro we proudly sponsor the St. Erme Cricket Club & Cornish Wrasslin' in Truro.

Education & Job Creation

We actively encourage development within our team of their skills, knowledge and understanding of our industry as well as their personal development. We range from apprenticeships, graduates, skilled and trained professionals.

The Cornwall Glass Fund

The Cornwall Glass Fund is our charitable trust fund managed by the Cornwall Community Foundation. The fund grants sums of money each year to deserving community and charity organisations locally and regionally each year, with the intentions to help ensure a sustainable future in the community. Cornwall Glass developed the fund 4 years ago with the ambition to contribute to the community. 

Mark Mitchell our Managing Director: "we recognised the need and importance of putting something tangible back into our local community which was both sustainable and would make a real difference, providing the local community which we have served for decades with much needed funds, support and awareness”

As a group we are also part of the Cornwall 100 Club, which we are able to contribute further into the Cornish Community in helping to provide a long lasting, sustainable difference in Cornwall.

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