Opaletch™ - The Decorative Glass 

Glass can transform a room, both manipulating the space and the light. By innovating elegant, modern & engaging designs, Opaletch™ can help achieve desired themes & atmospheres in a room.

  • Opaletch™ designs are etched into the glass by acid
  • This process gives the glass a greater variety of patterns produced
  • With a varying transparency levels and diffusion of light  
  • The glass can be applied to both the living and working environment
  • With 12 innovative, modern and engaging designs
  • Opaletch™ changes the way you look at your home


  • Splashbacks
  • Room Dividers & Participation
  • Cupboard Doors
  • Shower Screens
  • Frameless Doors
  • Glazing & Windows
  • Balconies & Balustrades
  • Furniture

Opaletch™is manufactured at our branch in Somerset, M5 Glass Centre. You can order from any of our 15 branches in the South West or you can design & order online at www.ukglasscentre.co.uk

Take a look at the patterns available